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The unique concentration of certain inland sea waters has long been known to have medicinal value. It is said that King Solomon presented waters and salts from the Dead Sea as a gift to the Queen of Sheba. The legendary Cleopatra of Egypt had Mark Anthony conquer the area around the Dead Sea so she could control its mystical powers. Its properties were so important that Cleopatra had factories built on the shores of the Dead Sea for the manufacture of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Their remains can still be seen today at Ein Bokek and Ein Gedi.

In the last century, the Dead Sea was rediscovered as a haven for health treatments and beauty rehabilitation. Today there are numerous specialized centers around the Dead Sea dealing with treatments linked to its natural magic. Likewise, Native Americans knew of the special qualities of these ancient sea waters and trekked to the shores of the Great Salt Lake to enjoy its healing powers and soothing properties.

While the unique properties of the waters of the Dead Sea and the Great Salt Lake have been known for centuries, only recently has technology allowed this “uniqueness” to be extracted in concentrated form. Now, through a proprietary process, the magic of these concentrated sea waters, called Ancient Sea Extracts (ASE), is available once again. ASE has now been incorporated into a line of skin and health products designed especially for the human body.