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Real Stories
I have had sensitive skin my entire life. I have spent many years and hundreds of dollars trying different skin creams that did not cause me an allergic reaction. Ele Jinon’s products are excellent for my skin and I have had no allergic reaction to them. They have improved my skin quality and reduced the redness and itching that I experienced with other products. My search is over. What a relief! I finally have reliable skin care products that I can use daily without the side affects.

Chuck B.Loveday – Cedar Hills, Utah

I am very pleased with the Pro-Soother Muscle and joint rub. I have suffered a great deal of pain from a fall I had. To relieve this pain, I rub the Pro-Soother on to the sore spots in the evening before I go to bed. By morning, the pain is gone and I am able to go about my daily activities in a normal way. Another benefit for me is that I don’t wake up in the night time with pain in my knees feet, legs, arms or shoulders. This is a great product and I recommend it heartily.

Another product of Ele Jinon that I enjoy is the Desert Trekker foot moisturizer. I tend to have calluses on my feet (from being on my feet so much in my occupation). It feels so good to apply the foot moisturizer to my tired feet. They are softened and the calluses are softened so they don’t hurt as I walk.

Thanks Ele Jinon for the wonder products you have created.

DaLee C. James – Orem, Utah

Due to two back surgeries which ironically left me worse off than when I started, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Pro-Soother alleviated my lower back pain as well as my prescription pain medication I have been using.

I also suffer from a dry foot condition as a result of diabetes that I have. I have been using a medication I received from the VA to treat this condition, but I have found that Desert Trekker does equally as well and keeps my feet from drying out and cracking thus preventing infection from setting in.

Gail Saltus – Salt Lake City, Utah

I believe every father wants the best skin possible for his teenage daughter. And I am no exception to this wish. I want my teenage daughter to have the confidence that only a clear complexion, and healthy, vibrant skin can give her. Thus, I spared no expense and purchased what was purported to be the best skin care product on the market for teenagers. The name of this was Pro Active Solutions. It was advertised on television by the movie star Jessica Simpson. The product works to some degree. But my question was, “How does this compare to similar products developed by Ele Jinon?”

Using the same instructions for both Pro Active and Ele Jinon, I ran a comparison test. I had my daughter use Pro Active Solutions for the first six weeks, and then use Ele Jinon’s similar products for the next six weeks. The instructions were identical for each maker.

The results were similar, but with several exceptions. First, Pro Active Solutions came with a warning telling users not to use the product near the base of the hairline, as the product could turn the hair white, so my daughter continued to have pimples at the top of her forehead, along the base of her hairline. This was very disheartening to me and to my daughter because of the pimples that remained on this corridor of skin near her hairline. Another exception is that Pro Active Solutions did not maintain a clear complexion for as long a period of time as the Ele Jinon products. My daughter had to use Pro Active Solutions more frequently, whereas, the Ele Jinon products kept her skin clear longer.

In conclusion, Ele Jinon’s skin care acne products gave my teenage daughter healthy skin healthy that is clear of pimples, and is a safer and more natural product to use than Pro Active Solutions. In my opinion, anyone trying both products will come to the same conclusions: that Ele Jinon’s solutions for acne are far superior to Pro Active Solutions for acne. The ingredients in Ele Jinon have combined to making skin problems disappear, resulting in a clean acne-free complexion as the norm, rather than the continual fight for clear skin, and the accompanying anxiety when looking in the mirror.

Brad Brimhall – Mesa, Arizona

After suffering a fall, I had a pinched nerve in my shoulder and had limited mobility for over 3 weeks. I had tried everything from massage, chiropractic treatment, pain killers, but nothing seemed to work. When visiting my daughter’s house, she told me to try Ele Jinon's Pro Soother on my shoulder. After rubbing the Pro Soother on my shoulder, within 5 minutes the pain was gone and I was able to lift my arm up above my head, which I had not been able to do before without pain. I now have my own bottle of Pro Soother and use it for all of my aches and pains.

Sharon Tryon – Mesa, Arizona