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ASE (Ancient Sea Extract) is a unique proprietary ingredient that has been extracted from the ancient seas.
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The most important area of an athlete's body is the skin.There is no such thing as second place. There is only smarter, faster, bigger, stronger, and more skilled. Plus the added ingredient: touch, or "feel." It takes "good" to "greatness," and that's
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Desert Trekker is a unique blend of peppermint oil, ASE (Ancient Sea Extract) and other beneficial ingredients.
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Ele Jinon's Hand Cream is based on the technology used to create water resistant sunscreens.
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A blend of natural herbal oils and ASE (Ancient Sea Extract) is the secret to this soothing body soak.
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Pro-Soother is formulated to sooth and cool and may help to reduce the discomforts of aching muscles, sprains, arthritis, minor back strains, bruises and other discomforts
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